Health & Safety

Hamilton Cleaning Limited has an in house health and safety team and will provide our clients with all the required health and safety documentation. All risk assessments and method statements are site specific and are provided alongside all relevant COSHH assessments (Control of Substances Hazardous to Health) and our company's health and safety policy.

We are a responsible employer and the wellbeing of our staff is a priority. All aspects of health and safety are strictly adhered to. Each member of staff is given an induction at the start of their employment into all aspects of health and safety procedures.

Please take a few moments to read our health and safety policy statement below for more specific details:


Health & Safety Policy Statement

It is the policy Hamilton Cleaning Limited to provide working conditions that are safe and healthy for all employees and at all times carry out their operations so that, as far as practicle, the health, safety and condition of any persons or property concerned will not be adversly affected. This includes injury to the workforce, any third party and the environment.
The requirements of the Health and Safety at Work Act and all duties and obligations imposed by the act, and all other acts and regulations affecting the activities of Hamilton Cleaning Limited are to be complied with.

The safety policy is the direct concern of all employees within the company and senior management is responsible for its implementation. This is recognised as an integral part of good management. Compliance with legal requirements is seen as a minimum standard and we shall seek continual cost-effective improvement in the standards acheived.

All managers and supervisors will ensure that the safety procedures are observed and promtoe an awareness of safety in all employees as an integral part of good management. This will be acheived by the provision of adequate resources, information, training and the involvement of individuals in the management of health and safety.

To aid the implementation of this, as part of an employees induction their supervisor who is also their safety officer will ensure that each employee is given information and basic training necessary to adequately carry out their tasks.

Safety managers are there to give guidance and advice on all aspects of health, safety and welfare, to arrange for the training of employees as necessary and to report to the directors and recomment changes where necessary.

Performance shall be measured against objectives set by the directors, communicated across the workforce and reviewed on a regular basis along with the proposals for the continuous improvement of the standards acheived. Hamilton Cleaning Limited shall review these policy and management system periodically and take action to maintain its compliance.